Worth the Price

Just Around the Riverbend | Faris and Yeul

Tweeet. Tweet tweet.

The sounds of a flute floated on the cool breeze around the lake, the same lake that Hope and Yeul had gone down to after planting the flowers in front of the Headquarters. It was indeed Yeul, but she was alone this time. She stood at the foot of a tree, playing her wooden instrument, pausing every now and then to listen. Sometimes there would be an answering call, and she would tilt her head this way and that, as if to catch the strains of the tune better.

The bird eventually stopped answering, though, and after awhile, Yeul began to play the introduction to a song. Once she finished one part, she lifted her head to begin singing softly.

"Sooner than memories begin to fray…"

Singing wasn’t really at the top of Yeul’s list of hobbies, but she liked to do it every now and then, when she was alone. Besides, she always accompanied her tunes with a little dance, an activity that she secretly loved.

"Everything from the past just swept away…"

As she sang, Yeul twirled away from the tree, holding her arms aloft, eyes closed, wrapped up in her dance. Her voice was very quiet, and she was but a slender figure dancing by herself in the midst of a wood.

Suddenly, the bird exploded from the tree’s leafy foliage, darting over to the other side of the lake. Yeul’s voice stopped singing, and the girl followed the bird with her eyes, walking forward until she almost fell into the body of water. She managed to right herself, but— Ah! Her wreath of flowers from her village…! It had fallen into the water!

Yeul dropped to her knees, but didn’t bother reaching out for it. She knew it was out too far; the wind had carried it further out. Perhaps if she found a branch or something…